About us

Our company

We believe that the future begins and ends in the present, that is why we created LIT-PT in 2021 with the clear objective of bringing the most advanced and innovative technology to our customers, therefore we reaffirm our commitment to quality and service for our clients, with a staff widely trained to process their needs.

For this, LIT-PT , puts at your disposal its specialized knowledge in technology and management capacity with the aim of helping you to be more efficient and competitive in your markets.

From the beginning, we want to make technological products more accessible, both for prices and for quality content that will help our customers make the best decision.

Because your satisfaction is our purpose.

  • High quality products
  • The best customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Our team

At LIT-PT.COM we love and live technology, so that you, our customers, can enjoy it with ease and simplicity.

We live technology so that our users are the first to receive the latest news and enjoy the best prices.

That is why our team is always behind the news, always trying to surprise you with the best products, so that every day you have the best catalog at your service.

In our firm commitment to satisfaction and good service, we assume the responsibility of offering a high quality service from start to finish.

Creating content prepared by the best specialists who are looking for the latest releases and trends and, for you, with your requests we are increasing a catalog in constant change and renewal.

Authentic professionals who will help you with all the necessary attention to guarantee excellent service and the resolution of any type of incident.

For us, each launch is a party to which everyone is invited. We follow each presentation with enthusiasm for being the first to offer all the information and, above all, the first to serve each product.

Multidisciplinary and Native Team

Our excellent Customer Service team will assist you throughout the process, solving any doubts and problems you may have before and during the purchase. < / p>

A multidisciplinary and native team that will help you with everything you need.

At LIT-PT we want to become your friendly online store for electronic products and technology, and generate trust in all our users, so that they can contact us with any questions.

Latest releases

At LIT-PT we seek to be the first to offer the most recent releases and that is why our customers are always the first to enjoy the news that hits the market every day . .